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Posted by horrorghosts - February 19th, 2021

I'm baaaaaack.

I had a messy 2019 as well as a messy 2020, but I think everyone had a messy 2020 considering the whole plague thing going on right now. I've been active on my Twitter just because it ends up being easier to post onto, but my heart has always laid with NewGrounds' environment. Twitter is a cesspool, don't recommend it whatsoever if you're not already bitten by that vampire.

I have involvement in a few different projects coming up, recently I've been teaching myself how to use Blender which has opened up a whole realm of creative possibilities. Maybe I can finally pick up animation, again? Maybe I'll just be lazy...

So if you subjected yourself to reading the ramblings of a walking corpse, let me know how you've been. :)

Posted by horrorghosts - September 1st, 2019

2018 and 2019 have been pretty wild months, of which I mean I hardly did shit.

There have been a lot of sporadic updates for me, both on NG as well as... well, everywhere else. Been trying to do this whole "real life" thing lately and "getting off my ass and actually getting my life together" sort of tom-foolery.

Stuff's been having it's ups and downs, mostly downs but sometimes life comes at you ass first.

I'm sort of on the fence about getting off of Twitter. The whole atmosphere that radiates from that platform is legit rotting my brain, so I think I'll call it done-sies for now. Wasn't honestly using it too much anyway, so whateves!

Contemplating what other platforms I want to sell my soul too, however. I plan on doing much more art for the rest of 2019 onward, so I need to figure out where I exactly wanna sheck with that. Contemplating Instagram and uploading crappy speedpaints on YouTube just for the hell of it.

If anyone dares to even read this, hey! Gimme some thoughts?

Posted by horrorghosts - October 5th, 2018

What works would you like to see more of in my gallery? Full pieces or character designs? Human characters, more monsters, or more backgrounds? Or do you flat out don't give a shit and would just rather see whatever I spew out of my nearly carpal tunnel riddled hands?